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Here are a few:


Thanks Manny!  You and your team have been so great towork with.  You made renting out a property from far away so easy and wehad peace of mind that all was under control.  And thanks for being ourrealtor on selling the house.  It worked out so nicely and quickly. We appreciate all your efforts and the professional manner you handledeverything.  Best of luck in all your future endeavors.  Thanksagain!


-Lynsie Mortensen


Thank you Manny you have been a heaven sent to me. If ithadn't been for you and all the amazing hard work you and the girls have done Iwould have been lost. So thank you.

-Eric Ebanks 



I have interviewed many Property Management firms, some small, and some as big as Marshall Reddick. I never felt comfortable investing a significant amount of money on the advice of a salesman or a person paid on commission. That all changed when I met Manny Ocampo and his team at RSN.
A typical salesman tells you "location location location," but then 
thinks "commission commission commission." I believe a salesman will do his best to help, until he sees that his customer wants to walk away. Then that salesman will pressure his customer to close the deal, whether or not the buyer can afford the purchase. 

This was never the case with Manny. I worked a full 3 years with him
before buying my first rental property. Indeed, during the "go-go" 
years of the 2005-2007 era, he did not recommend that I buy any
property. On his advice, I waited 3 years until I found a rental that
made sense - financially. Manny Ocampo is a Realtor, but he is much more than that. 

The first article of the "Code of Ethics" of Realtors is a pledge to 
protect and promote the interests of their clients. I strongly feel
that Realtors have failed the owners of homes currently in "short 
sale" or "foreclosure". But Manny Ocampo helped me adhere to a 
strict financial budget since the first day we met.  

In 2005-2006, Realtors sold homes for more than $500,000 with
"creative mortgages" from the banks to any family, which drove our 
country into a recession. Today, Realtors represent banks to sell
"Short sale" and "Foreclosed" properties. These Realtors advertise these homes for a low sale price 
to generate offers from customers, and then they call the potential
buyers to start a bidding contest. This second time around, our
interests are not protected and promoted.  

The offers Manny and I presented to sellers were based on "comps" and a financial analysis spreadsheet. We did not enter any bidding war to serve the banks. Customers were served. 

Manny is extremely honest, competent and straightforward. I never had one "unexpected surprise", but had plenty of "good surprises", thanks to the professionals he employs for maintenance and upkeep. With RSN, I bought my most recent rental property last January 21st 2010, the repairs were done within the planned timeframe and budget, and my tenants moved in on March 1st.  

I am extremely satisfied as a RSN client, but most importantly I
recently learned that my tenants were also very happy. I could not
achieve this alone since I am a pilot, frequently out of the country
for work.  

Would I recommend RSN to a family or a friend? I did, and I do. Their overall experience and satisfaction mirror mine.  

~Patrick Back  

Manny - I just want to let you know you have been an outstanding property manager. You have made things so much better for me, releiving all stress, since you have been incharge, managing our properties. I can't thank you enough and really appreciate all you have done. Thank you!

~Reev Rohter

"My Money was doing absolutely nothing in a Money Market. Manny, from RSN, represented me with my "Cash Flow" investment. He found the right property at the right price, in the right area! He leased it quickly and is doing an outstanding job managing it! I'm sure my investment will pay off, even more, in the future. I'm now looking for a couple more and DEFINITELY using Manny! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

~Eilon Lipton

"Our RSN Realtor went above and beyond, finding us the perfect house! Great Company!" 

~Riego L Castillo

"I live out of state and needed someone who was knowledgeable about the area to help with finding rental properties, and also someone to manage/rent them out. RSN takes care of both of these problems. They helped me through the process of finding a rental, getting it fixed up and ready to rent, and found my first renters within days of listing, making the entire process way easier than I could imagine... Highly recommend for investors who don't want to deal with the day to day issues of landlording..." 

~Hao Kung

"As a buyer's agent, Manny is at the top of his game, he is resourceful, charismatic, and diligent at making sure our offer(s) stood out from the rest of the pack. Manny is very good at keeping us informed, following up, and strategizing with us. Another thing, Manny has a great deal of integrity and is upfront with you, even if it means disagreeing with you on strategy (yes, many times we should have listened to the man)! So, all this was just buying a property. 

Now, the work begins to get this property rented out. Manny has a lot of out-of-state clients/investors, so property management is his expertise. He's already started work with my in-laws (and us) on a list of things that needs to be done to get the property ready for rental. He has many contacts and resources that cover all aspects of property ownership (i.e. insurance, warranty, etc.) and improvement (service providers: contractors, lawn, pool, etc.). Once the property is ready, we have every confidence that he will get the property rented out (it might take some time since we're approaching the holidays soon), but he'll make it happen and find a suitable tenant too. 

My husband and I have enjoyed working with Manny these few months. He is professional, friendly, pragmatic, good sense of humor, and takes pride in his work and reputation." 

~Kris Cachia (Steve & Kris Cachia)

After a miserable experience with another property management company, I was at wits end before a friend recommended Manny Ocampo. He turned out to be a real savior. He was knowledgeable, professional did his homework - I felt at ease right away.One year later his service has been prompt, efficient and extremely reliable.He has earned my trust and I would readily recommend RSN and Manny to anyone who wants a trustworthy, honest and hardworking property manager.
Thank you for all your work.
I sure am glad to have you as my property manager!

~Pallavi Shroff


Just received the 1st rental check. I have reviewed the statement; it is clear and all line items are correct. Thanks for the professional management of my property.

Best Regards,


"Thank you so much for helping us find our perfect home - so quickly and without any problems. We know the extra care you took with us and we really appreciate your kindness & professionalism." 

~Eliza M
Great Property Manager!
I moved to North Carolina last year and decided to rent my house versus sell. After researching property managers in the area (most got bad reviews) I saw Manny and RSN had great reviews. One year later I completely understand why. Manny takes care of everything. I just had a tenant move out and he went to the house on Sunday (the last day of the month) to inspect it and already arranged for some work to be done to get it back up to where it was. It is great knowing you have someone trustworthy that does a great job! I would highly recommend Manny to anyone.        (Property Leased again within same month!) 

~Brie Lyall

"Outstanding... I have several investor friends that I'll be referring to you! Thanks." 

~Eddie Chee

"We appreciate all the hard work that you and your team put forth for the transformation of our rental/investment property! Everything was completed in a timely manner and exceeded our expectations, both in quality and cost!"
~Patrick & Laurie Back

"RSN helped me Short Sale my home and got me out of debt! Thanks for a fast and smooth transaction!" 

~Shannon Altobella

Unhappy with my first property Manager, who had my property listed for months with no action, I called manny at RSN and he immediately took over, moved on it and filled it within 5 days with a great tenant! I highly recommend him and will use him to purchase my next investment property."
~Shawn M.

What a great team!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you do. Please keep up the excellent work! :-) 

Your team rocks!


~Vicky C.





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The current, Median List Price in the Las Vegas Area is 260K (Selling median price, 189K, Jan, 2015). 

Larger homes are selling, 1300-1700 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, SFR, homes going up, fast!!

Inventory is tightening and days on market, falling. *The Market Action Index shows demand heating up. These are relatively bullish signs for prices.
Home sales continue to outstrip supply and the Market Action Index has been moving higher for several weeks. These are all indications of a Seller’s Market so look for upward pricing pressure in the near future, if the trend continues.
Prices appear to be hovering around a new period high point. Look for a persistent down-shift in the Market Action Index before prices deviate from these levels.
*The Market ActionIndex answers the question, “How’s the market?” by measuring the current rate of sales versus the amount of the inventory (Supply and Demand).

PAST market, 2013 - 2015, recent history:

After a Historic amount of Foreclosures in the Greater Las Vegas & Henderson area and a SURGE in sale, what happens now?

2013 thru 2015 - Sales Prices UP! Now, cooling and inventory down...

With the recent, average, 25% sales price increase over the 2012 and 2013 period, 2014 leveled and was steady, but still on the rise...Cash buyers moved out of the market. Those investors were snagging most As-Is properties from the reach of Borrowing Buyers. We now see what may be the last of Cash buyers. We have also seen the last of the large hedge fund investor groups (purchasing volumes of properties and leasing out to once homeowners, now renters).

So with leveling prices, into the 2014/2015 market, borrowing buyers can purchase at list prices (appraised value) and not need to bid, Cash, above appraised value (unless the property was significantly improved or upgraded and draw such a frenzy). A cooling market, with less than 12% foreclosures currently listed, buyers (especially owner occupying buyers) can purchase properties in decent condition, currently lived in, by a homeowner or renter. Some of those properties purchased at a bottom level price, were improved and now looking much better than they did in their foreclosure or short sale state. If they need improvement, well, you negotiate below market value! Otherwise homes are selling at appraised value/Market value, FAST!

So, in short, Since September of 2013 prices have shown to stabilize and owner occupied, borrowing buyers, now have purchasing power. However, Owners can stand firm on market value prices because the buying demand is there! Sounds like a more traditional market. Perhaps a great time to Sell and if you can buy instead of renting, BUY! Normal nationwide appreciation is approximately 3% to 8% per year. Between 2011 and 2013, in the Southern Nevada, Las Vegas and Henderson area, prices dramatically increased upward to 40% - most recently, in 2013, about 25%. The forecast in 2013 was expectations of the normal 3% to 8% or possibly 5% to 10% in 2014. Not a bad prediction.

Interest rates are still LOW, but nudging up, so as a borrowing buyer, it seems to be a good time to buy and you can finally get the house you want without a Cash buyer knocking you out of the market! And as a homeowner desiring to sell, there will be a buyer for your property.

This does not mean and end to short sales or foreclosures. The banks still control the release of foreclosed properties. If they flood the market, home values will decrease again (as they did in 2008 thru 2010) - this will also hurt the banks. So the market, as predicted, spiked and has now leveled after the historic Bubble Burst.

Soon, the past homeowners that short sold, foreclosed and even filed Bankruptcy, will be able to purchase again. When that happens, the demand will increase and prices will inevetably rise a bit beyond the norm of 5% to 8%. Depending on inventory, maybe higher - supply and demand to dictate, as usual.

Although there was no significant forecast for new home prices and sales for 2015 or a significant demand for new housing in 2015, the new housing industry did recover substantially in 2013. New home prices rose about 30%, new housing permits up 20-25% and closings up 50%. Overall, some BIG changes in the past 24-36 months! 2015 prices continued to rise and hold steady...SALES UP!

The Las Vegas and Henderson area will always draw interest and the real estate market here is like no other place in the world! Interest rates are still very low, home prices are stable, jobs are still being created and businesses are profiting! The future looks bright...Viva Las Vegas and Henderson!!  

We're an outstanding Real Estate Sales & Property Management Company so if you recently purchased a residential property; whether or not it was a Bank Repo, Short Sale, or conventional sale, call us to help you prep it, market and fill it...FAST!  

For all your investment needs and Property Management needs, call RSN!  

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The Greater Las Vegas area is, and always will be, a desirable place to live and invest in. So enjoy all your dreams with the service of RSN. The responsive Las Vegas and Henderson RSN agents will smoothly get you to where you want to be!  

- Call NOW for great Bank Repo Deals!  

If you're not in the position to sell your home and in need of a Property Manager, call us for all your Property Management needs. If your mortgage is adjusting and you are not able to afford your payment, please give us a call - there are options for you!     

We specialize in the South and Southwestern area of Las Vegas and Henderson, NV but also cover other areas of the Greater Las Vegas Areas including: 

Summerlin, Green Valley, Green Valley Ranch, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, Silverado Ranch, Sunridge Heights, Lake Las Vegas, Anthem, Anthem Highlands, The Bluffs, Whitney Ranch, Mountain's Edge, The Ridges, Red Rock Area, Southwest Area, The Lakes, The Trails, Black Mountain Area, Mission Hills, Paradise Hills, Calico Ridge, Boulder City, Lake Mead Area, Nellis Air Force Base Area, Sunrise Mountain Area, North Las Vegas, Aliante, Mt. Charleston, Mesquite, Parhrump, Shadow Hills, Lone Mountain, Spring Valley, Southern Terrace, Rhodes Ranch, Whitney Ranch, MacDonald Ranch, Lynbrook and Blue Diamond!

We Handle Residential, Single Family, Multi-Unit, Condos, High-End, High-Rise, Commercial, Land, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Investment Property and Bank Repos!

Committed Agents you can TRUST!!

"Our reputation and experience speaks for itself. Call us today and see what sets us apart from the rest!" 

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$549,900 - Gated Community and Large Lot!
8430 Angel River St.
Las Vegas, NV 89123
5 Bed / 3 Bath
Size: 4,422 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
$333,000 - Exceptional Cul-De-Sac home with 4th Bedroom a HUGE Bonus Room
2724 Manteno Court
Henderson, NV 89052
4 Bed / 2 Bath / 1 Half bath
Size: 2,643 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
$320,000 - BIG! BEAUTIFUL! with POOL & SPA
7480 Mountainboro Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89120
4 Bed / 2 Bath / 1 Half bath
Size: 2,693 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
$265,000 - An Absolute Gem! Gorgeous & Clean
2032 Smoketree Village Cr.
Henderson, NV 89012
3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1 Half bath
Size: 1,620 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing

Henderson, NV 89052
4 Bed / 2 Bath
Size: 1,768 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
Beautiful Home in Gated Community
Henderson, NV 89002
3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1 Half bath
Size: 2,053 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
An Absolute Cream Puff!
Las Vegas, NV 89183
3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1 Half bath
Size: 1,299 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
High Demand LOCATION 4038 Sq Ft!
Henderson, NV 89052
5 Bed / 3 Bath
Size: 4,038 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing
Henderson, NV 89002
3 Bed / 2 Bath
Size: 1,703 Sq. Ft.
Property managers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Property Management, Rentals, Henderson, Foreclosures, Bank Repos (REO's) - Las Vegas and Henderson NV Real Estate Company property listing

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